What is a Stump Grinder?

imgres-3What is a Stump Grinder?

A stump grinding machine is basically a large wood working machine that resembles a
circular saw on steroids. A spinning wheel has large teeth attached to it that are designed to
sever wood fiber.
The grinding machines come in a various formats.
-Some are mounted on trailers that are towed behind trucks of various sizes. These grinders
stay attached to the tow vehicle at all times.
-Other grinders come as attachments to large excavotors or wheeled or tracked loaders.
– Still others come as self-propelled units that roll off a trailer and are then driven around a
– In their smallest format, there are stump grinders that are almost “hand-held.” They can be
powered by a variety of engines, with chain saw engines being the most commonly used.

No matter what kind of stump grinder used, they all share a common weakness- they are designed to cut wood.
Dirt and rock are literally their mortal  enemies.
Stump grinder “teeth” are equipped with tips of carbide that are designed to slow this wear process down but there
is still no getting around the fact that the “tooth geometry” required to sever wood fiber is
much different than the “tooth geometry” required to either scoop soil or shatter rock- and those tooth geometries are not interchangeable.
However, there are ways to factor in stump grinder tooth “decay” into the stump grinding process . More on that subject will come later.